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100 Volts to Watts

Welcome to 100 volts to watts, our post about the 100 volt to watt conversion.

Here we show you how to convert one hundred volts to watts using the formulas for DC as well as AC circuits.

If you have been wondering how many watts is 100 volts, or if you have been looking for 100v in watts, then you are definitively right here.

We not only explain you the conversion of 100 volts to watts, but also feature a voltage to watt calculator you will like.


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How many Watts is 100 Volts

The answer to the question how many watts is 100 volts depends on the flow of electric charge, either one-directional in direct current (DC), or bidirectional in case of alternating current (AC).

In case of 100 volts in an AC circuit, the power factor PF and number of phases make a difference, in addition to the connection scheme of the wires in case of 3-phase AC.

See the 100 volts to watts formulas in the next section, and make sure to check out our converter which you can find after the voltage to wattage example calculations.

100 Volts to Watts Conversion

To convert 100 volts to watts, determine your electric current in amperes (A), then apply the formula below which corresponds to your circuit:

DC: W = [A] × [100 V]
AC, 1 Phase: W = PF × [A] × [100 V]
AC, 3 Phase, Line to Line (L-L): W = √3 × PF × [A] × [100 V]
AC, 3 Phase, Line to Neutral (L-N): W = 3 × PF × [A] × [100 V]

To learn what the power factor, line to line and line to neutral voltage in the context of changing 100 volts to watts stand for, read our article volts to watts, located in the header menu.

For the example 100 volts to watts conversions below, we assume a power factor of 0.5 and an electric current of 1.5 amperes. Therefore, for 100v to watts we get:
  • Direct current (DC): W = [1.5 A] × [100 V] = 150 watts
  • Alternating current (AC), 1 Phase: W = 0.5 × [1.5 A] × [100 V] = 75 watts
  • Alternating current (AC), 3 Phases, L-L: W = √3 × 0.5 × [1.5 A] × [100 V] = 129.9 W
  • Alternating current (AC), 3 Phases, L-N: W = 3 × 0.5 × [1.5 A] × [100 V] = 225 watts

Remember, these values for 100 volts in watts are example calculations under the assumption PF = 0.5 and I = 1.5 A. For your power factor, amperage and circuit, use our calculator.

Enter 100 in the Volts field, then choose your circuit from the drop-down menu. If requested, insert the PF. Next, in the Amps field, enter your electric current, then hit Convert.

If you wish to start 100 volts to watts over, first hit Reset, then proceed as explained above.

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100v to Watts

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