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250 Watts to Volts

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In this post we show you the conversion, for both, direct current as well as alternating current circuits, shortened as DC and AC, respectively.

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We give you the 250 watts volts formulas, and then conduct some sample conversions.

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Convert 250 Watts to Volts

As you can see in the equation V = P / I, V denoting the voltage in volt (V), P the power in watts (W), and I the current in amperes (A), the relation between 250 watt and volt is not direct.

The electric current (I) must be taken into consideration as well. In addition, one has to differentiate between an AC and a DC circuitry.

In case of AC you must also know the power factor PF, and for 3-phase AC 250 watts to volts conversions, line to line or line to neutral voltage has to be taken into consideration as well.

DC: V = [250 W] / [A]
AC, 1 Phase: V = [250 W] / (PF × [A])
AC, 3 Phases, Line to Line (L-L): V = [250 W] / (√3 × PF × [A])
AC, 3 Phases, Line to Neutral (L-N): V = [250 W] / (3 × PF × [A])

In these formulas we have been using the terms PF and the line arrangements L-L and L-N; they are explained in the article watts to volts, placed in the header menu.

Supposed an amperage of 0.75 amperes and a power factor of 0.4, we can illustrate the conversions using the subsequent examples:
  • Direct current (DC): V = [250 W] / [0.75 A] = 333.33 volts
  • Alternating current (AC), 1 Phase: V = [250 W] / (0.4 × [0.75 A] ) = 833.33 volts
  • Alternating current (AC), 3 Phases, L-L: V = [250 W] / (√3 × 0.4 × [0.75 A]) = 481.13 V
  • Alternating current (AC), 3 Phases, L-N: V = [250 W] / (3 × 0.4 × [0.75 A]) = 277.78 volts

Additional Information

Keep in mind that these are example calculations with I = 0.75 A and PF = 0.4. In the calculator below you have to enter your particular values for the 250 watts to volts transformation.

Fill in the value for the watts in the first field, then enter the amps in the next. After that, choose the circuit from the drop-down menu, and, if requested, insert the PF.

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250 Watts to Volts Conversion Summary

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